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Cutting: The Italian Championship


Cutting, from the term to cut, means to catch or capture, and that is what is on show at the third stage of the AICH 2009 Cutting Championships.


Endurance: Matteo Zampagli in Belgium at the CEIO3*


“Living the endurance”, is the slogan for the 2009 edition of the CEI03* in Mont le Soie.
Fausto Fiorucci will be moving his steed Veronica Cup to Belgium for this 160km long circuit CEIO Nation Cup, and on this occasion due to the injury endured  by the champion at the CEI2* in Piancogno, Veronica Cup will be mounted by the trustworthy Matteo Zampagli.


Show Jumping: Pessoa in the spotlight at Lummen but Bucci is ready too.


The CSIO4* has come alive with the first tests of the CSI2* race.
The first show of the CSIO 4* was tinged green with the dominance of Cian O’Conner from Ireland riding Independent Echo Beach (0-0 31.06)


The terror of tourists in Denver


The Horse of the Apocalypse welcomes tourists to America as they leave the Airport of Denver. The horse is an imposing 12 metre tall statue, of a daunting skeletal mustang rearing on its hind legs, also known as the blue horse, and was produced by the Mexican sculptor Louis Himenez.


The team is ready for Lummen


Today the CSIO4 at Lummen hits top gear with the Italian Team and their horses ready to race in the individual events.

The Italians will be wearing the black armband and will be headed by vice-champion Piergiorgio Bucci who brought with him Kanebo, Contact BZ and Da Zara Tableutin, leaving Porto Rico at home as he may be used in Piazza Di Siena.


No palio for the people of Acate


The decision is final for the people of Acate.


Moustache is Alfie's pride and joy

cavallo coi baffi.jpg

Strange but true. There is a horse called Alfie who prides himself on his moustache.

Horses may not be normally known for their facial hair but Alfie, who is ten years old and lives in Gloucestershire, England, takes his upper lip growth very seriously and scampers away every time that a barber tries to cut back the growth, according to a news source on Tiscali.


More great show jumping at Pontedera


Hitting the headlines in the Italian equestrian world is the Pontedera with the CSI2* and the trophy dedicated to Marshall Oppes, the seventh occasion of the event to commemorate the great horse man who participated in the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games, scheduled from April 30 to May 3 at the Scoiattolo Valdera Equestrain Centre  


Riding helmet argument rages as man dies from fall


The argument concerning the mandatory wearing of riding helmets has picked up momentum again after Cono Lanza fell from his horse Naso during a ride on Saturday afternoon.


XXX edition of Travagliatocavalli Expo


Three intense days make up the XXX edition of Travagliatocavalli Expo from May 1 to 3 at the sports fair centre.

Travagliatocavalli reconfirms itlsef as the most important National event held in the open regarding competition, exhibition, shop window and tie-in events, second only to the autumnal appointment in Verona.


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