Dourkhan Hero Z, the first new name for stallion catalogue Stud Zangersheide 2019

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The autumn brings a buzz to Stud Zangersheide. The arrival of the new stud stallions with an eye on the next stud season, produces a distinct surge in testosterone levels in the stallion quarters. The first new name to be announced by Stud Zangersheide, the public´s favourite of the last stallion inspection, promptly is a veritable star!

Dourkhan Hero Z was undoubtedly the most discussed young stallion at the September inspection of Studbook Zangersheide. His name was circled by numerous breeders and his pedigree extensively praised. The son by Don’t Touch Tiji Hero Z out of Zinka de Kalvarie Z convinced the judges with his mighty expression and impressive jumping style. So in order to make such a high-quality stallion available for the large public, Stud Zangersheide immediately invested in him.

‘To us, Dourkhan Hero Z was absolutely thé most imposing stallion of the last stallion inspection. He has a fantastic model,  powerful impulsion and jumps for a 10! He also stems directly from the line of Usha van ’t Roosakker with his 3rd dam being Atoucha van ’t Roosakker, daughter of Usha and dam of for instance Electra van ’t Roosakker,’ says Dourkhan Hero Z’s new owner, Judy Ann Melchior. ‘I´m completely blown away by this young stallion and am looking forward to using him on my own mares in 2019.’

The ‘Hero’ in the name of the new stallion refers to the successful breeding stud of Luc Henry where countless international toppers were born. Luc Henry on Dourkhan Hero Z: ‘Dourkhan Hero Z has supreme athletic capacity with an extreme degree of blood and cautiousness.’ I´m definitely going to use him on my own mares in the future.’

In 2019 Dourkhan Hero Z will be available with fresh semen at Stud Zangersheide and he will be introduced to the large public during the Open Days of Stud Zangersheide on the 9th and 10th of March 2019.

Source: Zangersheide Press Release by Bianca Cremers

Photo: courtesy of Zangersheide 


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